Day 15: Inspiration/Thanks/Meh

Today’s Prompt: Comment! Pick someone else’s blog post and write a comment to them. Write that comment as your post for today and link back to them to let them know you were inspired.

So I may have taken some creative liberties on this post. Well, creative lies at least on this post. We will go with the lie part. Well okay fine you win. I am actually being lazy. I looked for the easiest post I could comment on and am using that as inspiration for today’s prompt.

What? I had a long/rough weekend with work and running a retreat for almost 16 hours each day. It was worth it and rewarding, however it took its toll on me and I am still trying to get my head above the water. Long, long days and still no rest for the weary. The early morning phone call of Brian I overslept and won’t be there for mass, did not help in the least. Nothing like jump starting ones brain on little sleep. Oh well. It happens. We move on.

So today’s post is to Christine. Why yes I am commenting on a Wordless Wednesday post. Why? Why not? I know it’s cause I am lazy. But truthfully the pictures shown represent something very important. The true life we feel on a daily basis. The numbers, the struggles we see with fluctuating numbers and stresses we sometimes feel. It can be horrible.

Yet your next set of pictures show us the hope and joy we feel when everything is right on track. When are all on track life is so much easier for us. We can move on past the struggles and see the hope. We can see the fun as well. This is what our lives should always be like. The last picture though is awesome. It shows us the people and bonds we have found through the DOC and elsewhere. That support system when we struggle. Those people we are destined to meet at some point in our lives. I can’t wait to meet you. To see you. To meet your four trouble makers. I have to assume that Chad is one of them. He can’t be all innocent. The friends we make, make all the difference as crazy as they are or can be. They are there for us. That is what the last picture represents to me. The friendships we form in our lives!


(Watch out for Karen, she is going to pounce. She is crazy!)


4 thoughts on “Day 15: Inspiration/Thanks/Meh

  1. Thanks Brian for the shoutout and comments. I guess my point was it isn’t all bad – yes the daily struggles suck but there are rewards – like meet-ups. I can’t wait to add pictures of us in July.

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