Day 25: What to share

So I am lagging a lot. I blame life. I blame lack of sleep. I blame laziness. Well I blame everyone except for me of course. Why would it be my fault that I have written something? Anyway, I will try to get back on track today. Thanks have slowed down a little so I can put on my creative hat and hope for the best. (Note to self, buy creative hat.)

Today’s prompt: Share something you’d like to teach other Health Activists.

I will share something simple today. This is something I picked up while have a conversation with Scott K. Johnson a few weeks back. Hey he linked to me, now I have to pay him back so to speak.

I was having one of those self-deprecating sort of days. Scott had posted a comment on my blog to which I responded down on myself. Yet, he went all Yoda on me.

ScottHis comment was true though and one I know and knew. It is what I really believe while I blog. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have the readership of some of my friends, but what truly matters more is if my message. If your message reaches just one person and makes a difference in their lives, your activism has served its purpose. This is truly something we should never ever forget. So I give you Yoda’s message today, but I think deep down inside of us, past out pride and vanity we know this. We just need to remember it.


2 thoughts on “Day 25: What to share

  1. Now Im hungry for Pringles. Scott – smart one he is. Im certainly glad you write and I’ve found great strength in more than one of your posts. And now Im wondering where my little business card sized note about the starfish is. The one in which the boy tossing the starfish back into the ocean says he made a difference to that one.

    • Exactly. I butt cheeks Scott K. Johnson. If you are confused by the reference of butt cheeks. I am sorry, this is not a heart (<3) it is a butt. If you add this, (<3~) it's a fart. So yes, I butt cheeks Scott. He makes the world make sense again.

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