Day 23: Technology

Today’s Prompt: Write about how your life would change if there was no social media.

To be honest with you, this is one of the scariest things for me to think about. Not the disconnect from the world or from my phone, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc… I could handle that. What I couldn’t handle is the absence of people in my life.

If Social Media did not exist I would never have found the DOC (Diabetes Online Community), I would never have found bloggers, I never would have found Friends for Life. My life would be completely different on some level. Part of who I am and the understanding I have to with type 1 diabetes stems from the support and friendship of those people who I have met through social media.

The first person I met in real life was my sister C.

She and I knew Kimpants and were so excited to see her two years ago at Friends for Life.

Kim was my gateway drug into the rest of the DOC.

Jess, Sara, Kerri, Jacquie, Karen, etc….

FFL2011(I think this is my picture. I mean, I think this is one someone took with my camera. I can’t seem to find where I have them all hidden on my other computer and can’t remember what album I created online has these pictures stored. I really need to figure that out. Maybe after this post. If it isn’t my actual picture, I apologize most likely to Sara or Courtney whose picture it could be.)

But seriously social media has changed my life in such a great way. The interactions with people, the new friends made, all of these things are so important. They are also the ones who are there for me when I am in the mood to rant and rave. They worry if I don’t comment or show I am alive for a few days. They are the ones who truly get me. For this I am ever so glad to know them. To not would be sad. So Social Media has made a huge impact on my life. Without it, well without social media I would still be me. I would still know most of what I know, but I know there would be a HUGE gaping hole in my life.


3 thoughts on “Day 23: Technology

  1. There’s no hand in my version, so that’s definitely your picture.

    That year of FFL was really a game changer, wasn’t it?! 😀

    • That was a game changer. I am actually managed to finally get access to my flickr account to verify it was a picture taken with my camera. So many accounts and passwords.

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