Prescription Math

So I have given up on the Wego Health Activists Challenege, I just don’t have the time. I started out so good, but I was on vacation and made time. Now I don’t have the time to actually do this. How sad. Maybe next year…. ha funny, I know.

A few weeks ago, I had to go to the pharmacy to refill some prescriptions, mainly thyroid medication and insulin. Now I think I have ranted about my choice of pharmacy before so I am not going to do it again, but let me just leave it at the fact I am completely dissatisfied with my pharmacy options. However, my insurance gives me the option of either using this pharmacy or doing mail order. Frankly, I know many of you use mail order, but for me, I am just not a huge fan of the service or the idea. I would rather just go and pick my stuff up.

Anyway, after my last visit to my new endo he had called in all of my prescriptions for when they next needed to be refilled. So I went online to refill my orders and could not do it. Even though they showed the new prescription from the new doctor, I was unable to fill it online. Fine, I will call the pharmacy. That wasn’t fun either. The electronic system took almost 5 minutes before allowing me to actually talk to a real person. It never gave me the option, I just refused to push buttons until it did something.

Finally after speaking to a real person, I was told no problem. I could pick up the insulin the following day and the strips needed to be ordered and I could pick them up on Monday. So Monday rolls around, I get a phone call from them telling me to come in Tuesday since they did not have what I needed still. I go in on Tuesday to rescue stuff. Here’s where the fun begins. The lady starts poking around looking for my order. The thyroid medication she finds, the test strips they hadn’t even gotten around to doing yet, and the insulin was in the fridge. So I wait about 10 minutes and she hands me the bag of everything. I check quantities and this is where the fun begins. I have a 90 day supply of strips and thyroid medication and one bottle of insulin. So I go back and ask about the bottle, mind you the bottle has everything right on it. 65 units a day… All of that stuff. The lady looks at it and tells me this is for a 30 day supply. I tell her it should be a 90 supply, because her pharmacy is making me get 90 day supplies. Plus one bottle will not cover the entire month.

Now she gets the pharmacist involved. I should say they were very helpful and friendly to me, but unbelievably stupid. The pharmacist calls and gets the okay for a 90 day supply. He asks how many vials of insulin I will need. I say, I usually go through 2 bottles a month. He says, no problem. He comes back 5 minutes later and hands me a bag with two bottles of insulin in it…. So I stop and stare at him and tell him this is still wrong. He goes why and I try to explain to him basic math. 65 units a day times 30 days is almost 2000 units of insulin. If there are 1000 units per vial that means I need two vials per month. He stares at me for a second writes some stuff down on a sticky note and goes, oh yeah, that makes sense. Hold on, I hope I have enough insulin…

Another 5/10 minutes pass and I finally get my prescription filled properly. Only almost an hour of my time wasted on basic common sense stuff.


Before I left I managed to take the pieces of paper the pharmacist was working on. Here is what I found….




(Note the cupcake coefficient and the cinnamon infusion…)

Okay, Okay, you got me. I made those sheets of paper up, but lets be honest here. For me this is basic math. I don’t see how 1 vial can cover an entire month. Mind you my endocrinologist is at fault too, for not filling the paperwork out properly either, but still. If you ever wonder why I hate going to the pharmacy, why I am not a big fan of THIS pharmacy, now you might begin to see why. When I was dealing with Rite Aid, they knew my name, they knew real stuff about me. We talked and chatted it was nice. This pharmacy is nothing to me. I am so not a huge fan of them. Alas, they are who I need to deal with and I will suffer with them. Yet I am never happy with them.


4 thoughts on “Prescription Math

  1. I go the mail order route, partly because my plan will allow for an automatic refill when I have refills left. So that’s less for me to deal with. And filling prescriptions is probably the most frustrating (and expensive) part of my care. Thanks.

  2. I have to agree with Stephen… the mail-order route is unlikely to “run out”, and odds are you won’t be the first person filling a prescription for insulin with the mail-order-guy (plus, it’s cheaper…for me anyway). Of course, if you have no safe place for the UPS guy to drop off six vials of insulin, that all becomes a moot point.

    You should’ve just bought six jars of cinnamon and called it a day.

    • Scott what you say does make sense, however for me since my address is the church, there is always that small chance a delivery could be made when we are not open for business…. I have many stupid excuses for why I am anti-mail order, but I am happy with what I do, even though I hate the place I have to go to.

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