Hiking Alone

I have been on a healthy living kick lately. Or at least I am trying. Since moving to my new place of residence work and other things have really kept me from going out and doing the exercise I want/need to. Something I know I need to work on and have been trying to do this.

In an effort to make myself actually stick to a time frame and distance, I have started to venture out hiking. Which is a good things. I mean look at these pictures. (I know how very look at how awesome I am of me. I sorry)



I live in a very nice area of the state and frankly it makes sense to go outside and enjoy the weather. You know dress appropriately, spray oneself with bug spray, and just start hiking.


One day I’ll have to have my hike take me to the pond of water I accidentally fell into due to mud buildup on my sneakers… Ooops.Hike1So this hike takes me honestly into the middle of nowhere Sussex County. I had posted on Facebook earlier that I was actually going hiking, plus the location. I parked my car, grabbed my bag full of water and snacks and started going. It truly was an amazing day. As I write about this, I am now tempted to go and do this again tomorrow, after I sleep for a bazillion hours.

As I’m hiking though in the silence I had a chance to just think about things. One of the things that came up in the entire thought process was what should I be doing when it comes to hiking. I mean, yes people know where I am, technically. However, is there more that I should be doing, especially since it is just me out there hiking, alone. I mean what do you do with something like this.

I posed this question to some of my friends, one basically hopped at me and made me feel like I was an idiot for even doubting the obviousness of the answer.

Ultimately, as I was hiking the question I had for myself was, should I have had a note on my car as a just in case type thing. “Dear Park Ranger or Whomever, My name is Brian. I have type one diabetes and I am out here hiking. It is 11:00, if my car is found here after 3:00 PM (or something like that) please assume something may have happened to me while I was hiking. Please call my cell phone to check to see if everything is okay. If I do not pick up, please try to find me or if I pick up and seem confused do the same.”

I don’t know. I only started to think about the phrasing of the letter, but should there be some type of warning if the park rangers or someone finds an abandoned car signifying that there could be an issue? Does anyone do that? Did anyone ever think about something like that?

It’s true I could have just gotten lost and distracted by this:

Hike3But do you make any precautions? Is it something that should be done. I mean I am obviously VERY diligent when I hike and have my meter and supplies with me. Plus I am constantly checking B.A.S.C. just to make sure that my sugars are within range. The chances are slim to none. However, now that I thought about it and this thing, the possibility and fear is relevant and I am not sure what I should do, if I should do, etc… So I am curious.

I can tell you though, if you are ever in North Jersey looking for a good hike let me know, I can help you find some or just take you with me the next time I go.



4 thoughts on “Hiking Alone

  1. That note-in-the-dashboard sounds like a great idea! I never would have thought of it myself, and it makes perfect sense.

    Except (sorry to rain on your hike), cell service is pretty spotty in middle-of-nowhere Sussex County, which is pretty much most of it. Just because you don’t answer doesn’t mean something happened, and we don’t want false alarms. (Then again, I’m sure the Park Rangers are familiar with the cellular service issues there).

    The best advice is the two words that the Boy Scouts live by: Be Prepared.

    And enjoy the hike!

    • Oddly enough, the hike these pictures were taken on, I had cell service in the entirety of the hike. I might not have had 3G or above, I was able to use said phone to answer a work related phone call.
      I’d be careful of your judgments of the middle-of-nowhere Sussex County. Born and raised here, if you have Verizon there are only a few bad spots, the other companies suck big time, but I am not to worried about where I hike and my phone issues. I also plan my hikes where I am technically somewhere “near” civilzation just in case something happens.

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