So it finally happened

I have a confession to make. Please, please come close, closer, a little to close.

I get very claustrophobic so please step away now. Thanks.

Anyway my confession is a confession, but it isn’t really a CONFESSION.

I’ve hit a bit of writers block. It has been coming on for some time now, but I seem to be at an impasse right now. I spent the past three days trying to come up with something to write about. Something that was close to my heart, but alas I haven’t been so lucky, just yet.

This is me this morning after sitting here thinking about what to write about d-related.

ConfusedI know there are a few ideas simmering in there. One of which I lost and can’t seem to remember what is was going to be, but it was gonna be good. Another one that is slowly coming to fruition, the next while I have some of it “written” I am not sure if I want to open Pandora’s box so to speak.

So please bear with me. If you have any ideas or suggestions or just something you think might benefit fro my style of writing please feel free to offer up suggestions. I will get there, but for some reason I am not there yet.

And of course as I write this a great idea just came to me. So ignore this post, something is gonna come out tomorrow, I hope. Thanks!


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