Love Going to Doctor’s

While the title may seem sarcastic, it is, but it isn’t. I don’t necessarily love going to my doctor, however I go because I need to go.

Right before Christmas I ended up finally having the appointment with my endocrinologist. This appointment has been the biggest pain in the butt to get to. I first was supposed to go in early November, but I rescheduled it since I went out to visit Tina and her family. Obviously hanging out with friends takes precedence over my endo appointment. One of these days I’m gonna talk about that trip. It was an interesting trip to say the least. So my appointment with the endo was rescheduled for December 9th. I went had the blood work and was all set to visit with him. However, that was not to be. The local funeral home scheduled a funeral that day over the weekend, and never had the decency to track me down and say if I was available or not. Needless to say that Monday I was pissed and the funeral home was made aware of my ire.

That day I called my doctor’s office to reschedule the appointment, left a voice mail no call back. Monday night I get an automated message about my upcoming appointment still being scheduled. I call Tuesday, leave a voice mail, no call back. Wednesday and Thursday were crazy so I never had a chance to call them again, I was just waiting for that phone call asking where I was, thankfully that never happened.

I finally have a chance the following Monday to call again and schedule my appointment. This time, finally I spoke to a person. She was able to help me find an appointment sooner than I was thinking, since it is so hard to normally find an appointment with my doctor. That following Thursday I climb into my car and begin the hour long journey to his office. Enroute horrible traffic and I was already cutting the appointment close. I call the office to let them know I will most likely be late. I get the office is closed phone message, even though the offices open at 8:30 or 9:00. “Fudge!” Happily sitting in traffic still stuck, try to call again 15 minutes later, still the same message. Traffic finally abates and I put on my afterburners and am only 5 minutes past my appointment start time.

The Myth's and the Mythed(Random Sprinkles the Unicorn)

I wander into the office and sign in and sit down. I figured I would tell the receptionist about the phone problems when she calls me up 20 MINUTES LATER! (I am really tempted to find a new endo!) Anyway, I am finally called in to see my doctor. I am prepared for a few things already. I haven’t been exercising as best as I could or really at all since the summer, so I was sure my weight was going to be up. I know my eating hasn’t been healthy either so I was sure other numbers were going to be effected.

The funny thing is, he does not mention my weight, but I know I am up about 15 pounds. We talk about a few things, we kinda chit chat, but that isn’t his strong point. He gives me my a1c result, oddly enough it has been my highest in years, but I am very happy with it. I wish it was slightly lower, however since I have been struggling to find that balance to avoid the stupid lows I keep running into problems with, especially at night. I know I getting there. My cholesterol was a little higher, but truly I know that ties into things I knew I needed to address. The one random reading was my thyroid results. I have been on my 137 mcg pills for years now. This is nothing new. my results are always within the normal range. This time though we were seeing a number not even close to range. I think the normal range is between .5 and 2. I think my results were at 5 or 6. Something so out there it makes no sense.

So my doctor asked me the normal questions, are you taking your pills? Are you fasting? etc. All of the answers were the right answers he needed to hear. Yet we have no idea why that result is so out there. So we are trying a new dose and checking to see what happens from there. It is frustrating to say the least. I know if my thyroid is wonky there can be weight gain along with other problems. I take that pill like clockwork to ensure that I am healthy but not putting on any unnecessary weight. So I was kinda sad that this happened. We will know in a few months if the new dose helps things.

I left the endo’s office both happy and upset. Somethings are going in the right direction. Other things are in need of help. I knew that was going to be the case. I’ll be honest with you, I know I need to be more active. I am sure the cholesterol being higher is a combination of my unhealthy eating, but also my lack of activity. I know my weight gain is more due to the same above conditions. Maybe the thyroid issue is part of it, but it starts with my poor choices.

This winter’s deep freeze hasn’t helped me. I have been lazy and not wanting to go play outdoors in the cold all that often. So no daily exercise. At my old place I had a gym I could go to and was paying $10 a month. Up where I am now, monthly costs were over $40 a month. So my inner cheapskate would not let me spend the money. With the new year upon us, things are changing.

I am going on a healthy kick. Trying my hardest to make it to the gym as many times a week as possible. One of the gyms in the area is a 24/7 gym so I am signed up there, hoping the flexibility will help me stay active. So far, so good. I bought a fitness tracker to work on my steps and make sure I am active each day. It also has an app with a built-in food tracker/fitness plan. So I am using that. I am logging my meals and everything I eat. It’s funny for me as I use the app. I find myself looking at these foods and having internal arguments about eating them, almost out of embarrassment about logging the food. I guess that’s a good thing. However in the past week, I can tell you my snacking has been down, with getting to the gym I have been feeling better, but also my insulin use is down. So I know I am moving in the right direction.

I have a goal for weight-loss and  a return to a proper diet and lifestyle. The doctor’s appointment with my endo was great, it gave me the motivation that I needed to start moving forward again. I just keep hoping that things work the way that they are supposed to. I know as long as I keep looking forward I should have no major issues. Yet it was just getting the motivation to get started going again.


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