Keeping things balanced

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about my visit to my the Endo and on top of everything else, just trying my hardest to get my life and my body back in some type of shape.

Post, post I was really on fire. I was going to the gym everyday, I have one of those fitness trackers that I have been using to keep an eye on things, to make sure I am hitting my minimum goal, etc.

Lvl5(Not so subtle You Can Do This Plug)

Things were going well though. I had dropped about 7 or 8 lbs before I went on vacation and the blizzard from crazytown came. The balance was there along with the motivation. I was drinking water (would er) more often and just being very conscious of everything I did. Part of the reason why, was that the fitness tracker had a weight loss app, which you could put in your weight, but also your ideal weight and help you keep track of calories and foods and such. This I was doing, I mean in the beginning if I was hard to justify eating lets say a donut or a cookie if my daily calorie intake was X amount of calories.

Truthfully it does/did work. I was really doing great. One of the things I was doing to help keep things in line was balancing out my breakfast which also helped balance out my sugars and need for random snacks to keep things going. One thing I was using was I really wanted to see if the things from Level Foods, did what they were claiming to do. So I ordered some of the bars and shakes and used them for my meals for a while.




(Looking at this picture reminds me I may need a new case.)

This is just a sampling of a few different days worth of having a shake and a bar for breakfast. The last picture is from this morning, from today’s breakfast, obviously.


Today’s meal featured two of the newer flavors of what Level has added to their offerings. I will mention the new flavors in a bit, one since I have talked about the others to date, but also because I was asked to sample the new flavors and possibly talk about them. I figured today’s post could kill two birds with one stone and see where it goes.

Most of the days I have had great numbers using the bars/shakes. Some days things have been off, but I don’t think it is Level related, it could be the morning coffee and being off in accounting for the milk or something like that.

The thing that matters to me though is that with this a breakfast, I am not having the crazy spikes followed by the blowout lows later in the day. This is something that I truly wanted and am happy to have been having some success to date.

On to quickly talking about the products. There are two new bars and two new shakes. The bars are pretty good, there is a Double Chocolatey Bar and a Chocolatey Crisp bar. The only variance for me in the two bars is that the post breakfast tooth brushing is a little harder with the Double bar as you’ve now bathed your mouth in chocolate. The flavors for both of the bars is quite good. In my last review when I spoke on the bars, I gave the other two bars these ratings:

Caramel Peanut Chocolate – 9

Chocolate Peanut Crunch – 7

I would rate both the Double Chocolatey bar and the Chocolatey Crisp bar roughly the same at an 8. I mean I would go into decimal differences, but at this point is it really worth it? No. They are both pretty good.

The two new shakes that Level has going for them are a Strawberry Creme and a Rich Caramel Shake. This is a tougher review to talk about. The Caramel shake for me, was really good. It reminds me of one of those small caramel squares that you could eat and enjoy forever. It took me a few tries to figure out what I was tasting. My complaint so to speak about this shake is that it really is a sweet taste, which is great however as a breakfast thing, I don’t think my mouth was awake enough to handle to goodness of what is being offered.

The Strawberry Creme shake is nice as well. It has a different taste to it, truly not what I was expecting I liked it, but did I love it? No, not really. I think it needed a little more strawberry to me. The previous shakes were rated by me as follows:

Vanilla – 9

Chocolate – 6

I think the Rich Caramel to me is in the 7.5/8 range depending on the time of day I would consume it. Where as I think the Strawberry Creme would be on the bottom of the list around 5. This is for me though. It is not a bad shake, just not what I was hoping to enjoy.

My last thing to mention is that right now the older flavors of bars and shakes are available at Target and there is a $4 off coupon as well for either a four pack of bars or shakes.

Otherwise feel free to place your order at the Level site. My one complaint about the Level site/ordering system is that they do have bundles you can order for a greater discount. I just wish I could customize the bundle, so I could get whatever I wanted as opposed to the set products included in that bundle.

At the end of the day though, this post was written by me for one reason. It was motivate me to get my ass in gear. Since coming home from my vacation, I have wandered so far from my previous routine I am embarrassed. So I am hoping in writing this I can motivate/guilt myself into getting back on track. I still have some weight that I am planning on losing. I am just being lazy right now.

** Disclaimer ** The new products mentioned by me in talking about Level Foods new bars and shakes were sent to me to review. I was asked to give my honest opinion of them and if I felt the need to, to mention them in a blog post. I am in no way shape or form being compensated for this product review. I just do it because I can, and well believe in the products so far.


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