Scares the Ship Outta Me

For the longest time, due to my own stupidity and misinformation, I have been hypo unaware for some time. This is one of the reasons that I have my Dexcom. It gives me that peace of mind that I am looking for when it comes to my daily life and living.

I abuse the heck outta my Dexcom, never shall it part my side.

Enter last Friday. Well actually enter two Friday’s ago.

I have been playing Ultimate Frisbee for years. These past few month’s I have found groups in my area that play often. Last week, I played 4 plus times, which is awesome. Plus the one group I play with has alot of people from the local diabetes camp, so there can be a time where there are six to eight of us playing. Which is awesome.

Anyway, two Friday’s ago my sensor got ripped off, due to my unusually busy Saturday schedule, I decided to replace the sensor once I got home, around 8:30 PM. Knowing full well that my sensor would die the following Friday at that time. Normally never a problem.

Friday came and so did Frisbee. We ended up playing until 9:00 that night. How we saw the disc at that point is still beyond me. The game ended and I went home. I restarted my sensor at home because it was in my bag due to rain, and I felt it was better that way.

Finally around 9:30 PM I decide to eat dinner and I test.

I see this:

LowAt the time the thing that scared me is that I felt nothing. I mean NOTHING. Obviously the first thing I did was run, yes run down the stairs to grab some juice. I down a bottle of OJ, well not really a bottle but start drinking. This is where the panic sets in. So I text Tina and send her said picture.

We have a lovely conversation, after she establishes that I am in fact okay. But I think she was surprised, she was like so how long ago was this? Me three minutes ago. And how do you feel? Fine, nothing, not a thing. I mean holding my phone, my thumb was a little a tremble, but that was it. I thought I was beyond this.

At this point the panic sets in. How long was I low? Did I really drive home like this? HOW DID I NOT FEEL THIS? All part of the conversation with Tina. I was not happy, not happy at all. But once again proves why I have/need my Dexcom.

The original panic though has subsided. I thought about where I was numberwise and did some back tracking. When I left Frisbee I was not low. 98% of the time, I have this straight. Post exercise, whether it’s going to the gym, running, playing Frisbee, etc. I will bolus 2 units to cover the post activity high. And it works.

I did this on Friday night. I am guessing that because of the fact we played for 3 plus hours, that the normal energy burn and everything associated with my exercise, did not apply. I wish I knew that before I bolused.

So my ride home I was fine. I was not low. The dinner test was about an hour post Frisbee, so I was just feeling the low from the insulin, not the low from anything else.

This makes me “feel better”, not really but it is what it is. I hate the fact that I am hypo unaware, I hate the havoc that exercise plays with my system, I really hate the fact that I don’t feel these things and there is no way I can get it back. I mean I try to stay on top of things, which is why I use my Dexcom 24/7. And this is what happens when I don’t use it. GAAAR!!


4 thoughts on “Scares the Ship Outta Me

  1. The same thing happened to me not two nights ago. My DexCom actually pinged that I was dropping after my supper. It was a fairly new sensor so it had been a little wonky, as new sensors usually are. I didn’t feel low, so I tested…27. Wait, what? How the hell did I not feel that…how was I still conscious and not seizing. So greatful for Dex. :). I might not be around typing this ;). Best of luck!

  2. Those low low lows with no symptoms are the scariest of all. I’m glad it all worked out okay – and next time make sure that Dex is up and running for frisbee (said in my best nagging voice)

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