Sometimes the irony amuses me

Before I start this post, let me say I love Chris and his people over at Glucolift. Their tabs are my tab of choice and I will always order them, plus support the business efforts of another type-1. That being said let me tell you a story.

*** Updated Chris from Glucolift responded to my concern in the comments. He’s the best.***

This past weekend I was getting ready for bed, I had, had a binge fest on all things chocolate and peanut butter rolled up with ice cream. I have done this before. this is truly nothing new to me. I have pretty much at this point figured out how to bolus for the unholy hell I am about to unleash within my body. There is the pre-sleep mini bolus followed by the sleeping temp basal, which all in all usually works. I woke up at 122 BTW.

Anyway, when I do something stupid like eat ice cream and creative bolus, I try to be prepared. This is when I normally sleep with my glucose tabs next to me, just in case I have a low and some issues. Noticing that the bottle was near empty I decided I would be prepared with the second bottle of tabs ready on the nightstand, just in case.

I go to open the bottle. Problem. I can’t get the frikin plastic ring off the lid, not the peel back ring, the plastic protecting the plastic ring.

Tabs3This bugger did not want to come off. Now I will admit in the beginning I was in the dark, trying to feel for the tabbed break that usually exists in the plastic. Yeah, not so much luck in the dark. After a few minutes of struggling, I turn on the lights and stare intently at the bottle. I was giving it my most annoyed look ever. The bastard ignored me. So I tried to figure this out AGAIN. Still striking out. After about ten minutes I was lucky enough to finally night a small chunk of the plastic up to remove the plastic.

Once the plastic is removed, you need to take off the plastic ring, once the plastic ring is removed, you need to remove the inner seal.

Tabs2(The irony of sealed for your protection was not appreciated.)

Once the inner seal was removed you get to remove the pound of cotton in the bottle meant to protect the tabs. I get that. I do, but finally when all was said and done, I had quite a pile of shtuff.

Tabs1Now back to the irony of the seal. Sealed for your protection my ass. If I was low, which I wasn’t how the fuck heck am I supposed to get at these tabs? I used more brain power and concentration trying to get into that bottle than I would playing solitaire. I was very frustrated, heck I was almost to the point of fustration.

I admit I may have gotten a funky bottle with a funky plastic outer wrapper, however, I worry. What if I was low, like bad low and could not get into the bottle because of something like this. The ease of use for this product was not really there. Again, I can’t say this is always the case nor could I check another bottle to see how that ring was, I do seem to think it is not the easiest of things to do with these bottles, that is getting them open. I just ask the stupid question, if this bottle was truly sealed for my protection, shouldn’t I have an easier time getting into the bottle??


6 thoughts on “Sometimes the irony amuses me

  1. Agreed. Also, those Dex4 drinks? My boys can’t. CAN’T. open those without my help. Ever. And we only use those when they are below 50. Would they even stand a chance without me? Forgetaboutit.

  2. Yeah, those plastic collars were put on by a new facility without our approval and once we found out, we had them stop. So some of the cherry ones got them, but no other flavors. So dumb. I definitely always encourage people to open their bottles right away (not when they need them) but yeah, that plastic was a mistake, and won’t be seen again.

  3. The texture of the cotton (in any bottle—aspirin, vitamins—not just Glucolift) gives me the heebie-jeebies. Maybe Chris will have the factory put in a nicer-feeling fabric?

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