Rationalize the crazy

I changed my site on Sunday, because of the short tubing I was using on this set; I had to change my normal location to my side. That’s great and it’s not like I haven’t done that before. The site and I had a good time.

Monday, I went to shower and I saw this.

Gym1Pretty isn’t it? So as much as I hate to pull my sites early, I choose to make the change.

Gym2This is what I found under said site. Pretty!

As I was doing though, the thought that flashed through my mind was, man this is a perfectly good site. My numbers have been great. I tried to rationalize keeping the site, which wasn’t a great site. Makes sense to me. This got me thinking, how often with diabetes we can rationalize one thing and all of a sudden change our mind because of issues. I had a few great ideas of cartoons yesterday, but never wrote them down, so today we only have two poorly drawn cartoons.

The first cartoon is my relationship with the gym:

GymWe all know that feeling, running on the treadmill or the elliptical, not really wanting to be there, but we do it anyway. Than we get low and are all stubborn like, oh come on diabetes, stop ruing my LOVE of the gym, when 5 minutes prior I was completely dissatisfied.

The second cartoon is my relationship with dinner:Salad

You know how it goes, you look at the cgm and are like oh good I can eat something easy. My numbers are great. Salad. You make the world’s best salad and Beepy McBeeperson goes, “hahaha, fuck you. Eat some carbs.”

The rationalizations we have with type-1 are always entertaining. One minute we want something. The next moment because of X, Y, or Z we have changed it all. Our mind rethinks our previous decisions and we go against our whims from a few minutes prior. Sometimes type-1 annoys me.

If I ever remember the rest of my cartoon ideas I will draw them for another post.


8 thoughts on “Rationalize the crazy

  1. I have the same gym/running phenomenon all the time! Haha. And double yes with the salad “eat some carbs” schtuff. Diabetes be a tricky one at times. Thank you for sharing ❤

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