It Starts Again

It’s funny the past few months the little voice hasn’t wanted to come out. It hasn’t wanted to write. I tell myself it’s been a long time. I should write something. The normal conversation transpires at this point. What do I write? Will I be boring? Will I be funny? Do I talk about my new pump? Will anybody listen?

Usually once that conversation dies out, I have already moved on to something else and the writing bug dies off. I’m fine with that. I write better when I do not have a deadline or even an imaginary deadline. Yet today, while I am on vacation with my family, my brain has decided to make some noise.

Before I left on vacation, part of the preparation plan other than pack, was that my Dexcom transmitter has started to send off the death knell and I needed to start the paperwork process with Edgepark to get the new transmitters reordered. Knowing it was a new benefit year, that my plan had changed slightly, etc I figured the sooner the better. Since last Thursday/Friday or a week at this point I have been trying to reorder the transmitter. Since I have been traveling it has been a game of tag between myself and my contact at Edgepark.

Today’s conversation has resolved everything other than the fact that they are still waiting on a new prescription from my doctor’s office. Since they have made a few requests at this point, it was suggested that I call him and see what the hold up is? I just figured that since the Endocrinology group was brought into a medical group things had changed and maybe the paperwork was lost somewhere.

This is where my story truly begins. I started by calling the appointment person because I needed to make my normal 4 month checkup appointment with my Endocrinologist. Back in December I was told “his calendar for next year was not available yet.” I felt that was weird, but who am I to question this stuff? So the scheduling person had to be the one who told me that my endocrinologist was leaving the medical group on March 1 and there weren’t really any dates available between now and March. So I have an appointment with one of the other people in the practice, at least right now. And she is working on getting things squared away with my Dexcom reorder.

The thing that gets me is that in the past 21 years, this loss of doctor has happened to me more times than I care to admit. My first one moved to Albany, my second one told me I needed to find an Adult Endocrinologist, my Third one left the practice to go teach in Philadelphia, my fourth one’s group dropped my insurance coverage, but she was leaving that practice anyway and her new one didn’t take my insurance either, which brings me to my current breakup. It hurts. I liked him.

It’s funny the other day, I was talking to my friend about my Endo. Basically the summation of the conversation was that I hated driving to his office, but I really liked the guy. I didn’t want the trip to be the reason I left him. So I was going to continue using him, or so I thought. The question I guess I am left with is what do I do now? How should I move forward?

The reality is, this is the chance I wanted/needed to find a new endocrinologist but finding a new one is not so easy. I can’t test drive them or go to the Endocrinologist store. Who is to say that he/she is familiar with the most current d-tech? How do I know that if I go see this doctor they won’t say to me oh we only deal with Minimed pumps or we just don’t like the Tandem pumps?

When I was kid the conversation was move from NPH to Lantus but since things seem to be working let’s not anger the beast. Now, there are thyroid issues, the pump, the cgm, etc… I’m not sure where to go from here. Has anyone ever called their pump or CGM rep to get suggestions on those doctors who have fully embraced their technology or is this one of my crazy ideas? I’m not sure. I guess I need to think about this, but next week I guess once the Edgepark thing resolves itself I will begin to figure out this new “problem”. It’s time I guess to start again.

I leave you with my new favorite word, since I don’t have any other pictures to post.



One thought on “It Starts Again

  1. I believe if you asked they would not respond. Let’s face it they have to work with all offices so so suggesting one might be a little out of character. Now what you can do is ask any other doctor you have. That is how I find new doctors. I ask a trusted doctor who would you suggest? It has made for a terrific group of doctors.

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