Some resolution

Since my last post, things have slightly resolved but not fully. I know vagueness in the very first sentence. Is this the beginning of my new career as a fiction writer? I doubt it, I get distracted easily and the plot would never actually make sense… Wait, that sounds like a good mystery book.

Anyway, after more time than I needed to spend on the phone between myself and Edgepark, myself and my doctor, and myself and the voices in my head. I was finally able to get my new Dexcom transmitters ordered. However, if you look at the log file I have on my computer, it is a miracle that I did not kill something. (Every time I call Edgepark, every time I call my insurance company, I have a log file on Dropbox of the last conversation I had, with who, and some reference numbers.)

It took my doctors office over a month to actually get the prescription over to Edgepark. They faxed it 5 times. In my followup phone calls to the office, I never actually spoke to the office, since they are now part of a medical group, it went to the central call center. Anyway, the problem was the doctor never looked at it, after many calls, after it being marked as URGENT (I wish there was something more alarming than caps lock) it finally went through.

My new transmitters came last Thursday and my old transmitter sent off it’s death knell on Saturday. Perfect timing, and I am glad I spent over a month dealing with this crap.


This is where the story continues on. See this box, you know the one one right above this post, yeah that box. WHAT’S IN THE BOX??? Here’s today’s story. Saturday morning, after my transmitter made it’s way to the great trash heap in the sky, I went about my normal routine of putting in a new sensor and following the instructions to pair a new transmitter. After the half hour window of setup time, it gave me a transmitter not found error. So I looked at the possible error causes, found the new transmitter was not fully seated in the sensor, so hopefully that was the problem. So I restarted the search and went over to start my day.

Half hour later, still the same error. So slightly perturbed, I look at everything again, and hope that maybe this time I had ti all right, I turned off/on blue tooth, anything to make it work. At this point, I had a Baptism to go an hour away, and I needed to run out. So I tried this again, and ran out of the house. (First, I tested before getting into my car, that was weird, I haven’t done that in forever.) All day, I had no luck with the transmitter. But since I was not home, I couldn’t call support. There were tons of finger pricks that day.

When I finally got home, I called support. He was helpful, but wanted me to try one more time. I was like listen, I am already half a day in, what will this do? So we deleted the dead transmitter, since that was still “paired”. Half hour, nothing. At this point, we concluded finally it was the transmitter and they sent out a new transmitter and a new sensor, since I had to pull out the old one, just in case it went south with all the abuse from the old transmitter.

So that is what is in the box, new transmitter I had paired, hopefully this one will work and now I have a replacement sensor too. Yay.

Have a great day, and never look in the box.


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